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Welcome to The Boxer Rescue Service (Southern)
We cover Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire & Kent.
 Here you can find a range of information about Boxer dogs, from the history of their origin, health issues, and what to think about if you would like to re-home a rescued Boxer.

The Pawtraits Exhibition™
A collection of black and white images by Maria Slough

Over the last 20 months, media photographer Maria Slough has travelled approximately 2,440 road miles, 360 nautical miles and 10,000 air miles to photograph well known faces and members of the public all with an animal of their choice. The photographs tell stories of love and companionship and each picture raises awareness for an animal related charity.

Maria's love for animals was the inspiration for these photographs and The Pawtraits Exhibition™, she said "Telling a story within a photograph is what I strive to do in my work as a media photographer.  This collection of photographs that I have been lucky enough to capture will I hope inspire people to inquire about the relationships shared by those who have been photographed, and enquire about the incredible work that goes on each and every day around the world, for the animals and by the animals, by the charities that the photographs are raising awareness for.  The animals, the people and the stories are all so inspirational and I am so thankful to everyone who has been a part of this journey."

One of the photographs within the book is of the actor, Simon Callow, with his two Boxer dogs, Roxy and Biffy, and we are very fortunate that he has chosen Boxer Rescue Service (Southern) as the charity he wishes to raise awareness for.


The book of the entire collection of black and white photographs together with their personal stories, is available to buy by going to this link:

The sale of each book raises £5 for the allocated charity.  At the point of order there is a drop down menu in alphabetical order for the purchaser to choose their charity, this is where you will see "Boxer Rescue Service (Southern)" listed, click on our name and we will receive £5 from each book sold.

The cost of the large hardback book, which is 30cm x 30cm, is £25.  The small hardback book, at 20cm x 20cm, is £15.  Postage will be added.

We thank you for your support for the Boxers.

Your donations help dogs like Ruben .....

Ruben had been found tied up in a barn in Ireland.  As well as neglected, he was terribly emaciated, dehydrated and infested with worms. We were shocked and very sad to see this poor depressed Boxer in such a state.  He arrived at our kennels weighing only 19 kgs, his gums were pale and cold - our vet took a blood test, and he was treated for the flea and worm infestation, we fed him four small nutritious meals a day, and made sure he had plenty of soft blankets in his bed!  The blood test showed a very low red blood count, so another blood test would need to be taken 10 days later.  Within the first week we started to notice his eyes looked brighter, he looked a little happier and his little tail
started to wag! During the next 3 weeks his weight steadily increased, and the blood test showed a big improvement, almost normal - he was on the road to recovery! 

As you can see in the photo, he is now a strong and healthy boy, and very happy in his new home, where he loves to play ball and go for walks in the woods near his home.  He is now a healthy 28kgs - and totally unrecognisable from when he first arrived with us.  Well done Ruben, and thank you to his new mum and dad for giving him the caring and loving home he truly deserves.

What a handsome lad he is!

We rescue and re-home Boxer dogs throughout Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent. Our aim is to provide the best care for every Boxer that comes to us and to find them their new loving home.

All our dogs are vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped before being placed in their new home.  All our work is voluntary, and we are funded only by donations and our own fund raising activities, which we rely heavily on to pay for kennelling and veterinary fees.
Every new prospective home is checked out by our team of helpers across the South East - we take into consideration the new owner’s life style and circumstances to match the right dog to the right home. We work hard to ensure that all dogs are re-homed into loving and suitable homes.

If you would like to become a member of Boxer Rescue and receive a quarterly Newsletter giving news of forthcoming events and stories about the Boxers we have re-homed, or if you would like to know more about our work or become part of the team, please contact us.

If you can help support our work by donating then please donate here (or go to our Make a Donation link) - any amount would be much appreciated.
BRSS is now on
Contact Betty Hoad 01273 870776 or Deborah Bedford 07831 173240.


 Visit Our Dogs page.

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The Boxer Rescue Service (Southern) may also be referred to as BOXER RESCUE (Working Name) BOXER RESCUE SERVICE (Working Name) or THE BOXER RESCUE SERVICE (Working Name)