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Please do consider adopting one of our slightly older dogs, they truly deserve some comfort & love and have so much to give.

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Name: Deedee

Gender: Female 

Age: 8 &1/2

Colour: Red & white

Good with Cats: yes, supervised

Good with chickens: yes supervised

Good with horses: yes supervised

Good with children: ok but will need a home without

Good with dogs: ok with careful introduction

Darling Deedee spent her whole life in a garden being bred from and when she was no longer able to breed she was given up to us or the owner said he was going to euthanise her! She had a home previously with someone who also bred her at a young age. It was quite clear from the moment she arrived there was a serious issue with her back legs, it turned out she had a full rupture of her cruciate ligament and meniscus tear in her right back leg. She underwent surgery to repair it and began rehab with a physio and swimming alongside regular acupuncture. Unfortunately as she had been left for a longtime her left back leg had been taking all her weight and we were warned it probably would tear to, which it did, so exactly 6months after her first surgery she had a second surgery to repair the left cruciate ligament. The lengthy rehab is almost complete and she is now able to run off lead under supervision. She is also happily swimming and undergoing physio each week to rebuild lost muscles and strengthen her core. Arthritis is likely to have set in but as it would in any dog her age but she shows no signs of it or slowing down, in fact she is catching up for lost time. Physical activity shouldn't be restricted within reason 1 year post op.

Behaviouraly Deedee is a very sweet and loving girl once she knows you, however she is extremely anxious about life due to the fact she never left her previous garden for 7 years. She needs an understanding home with the experience or time to put in to learning how to help this lovely girl. She is also very strong and very excitable which has made her gentle rehab quite challenging. She wants to rush everywhere which is because of her anxiety and she is particularly anxious when she sees people or dogs in the distance out walking, This needs ongoing work and because of her rehab we have only just been able to start addressing how to help her rather than avoid everyone in fear of her slipping or bouncing which would have ruined her surgeries. When she sees dogs out walking she can not currently meet them as does not want to be very nice she is quite vocal with whining because she is so anxious about it. However she lives in a home with 6 other dogs and 2 or 3 others who visit and change on a weekly basis and she does very well with correct introductions, She loves young boxers and boxer puppies. She is wary of other breeds initially but we believe this can all be worked on and she will improve with time. She adores playing with a toy and lives for a game of tug(although we have had to be careful to date due to her surgeries)Deedee does not look or act her age. Deedee really needs her own home with someone who can continue with her rehab appointments and understands she needs further training and management. She really deserves her happy retirement home.

Deedee has recently had a swollen lymph node and has undergone some blood tests, it does unfortunately indicate she may have lymphoma or similar, however she is full of life and loving every moment of exploring the woods and running around with a toy in her mouth, she is as playful as a puppy and super feisty. She is fed. on raw food and various supplements and holistic treatments to help slow these diseases down and all seem to be working wonders but it does mean she now desperately needs a family of her own who can offer her lots of tlc.

If you are interested in Deedee please fill in our adoption form and make a note its 'Deedee' you are interested in.


Name: Roxy

Gender: Female 

Age: 8years

Colour: Brindle & white

Good with Cats: unknown

Good with children: Has had a child grow up with her but needs home with children over 16 due to nervousness. 

Good with dogs: Has been living with another dog, ignores dogs when off lead, will bark on lead and needs further work.


Lovely lady Roxy needs a new home due to a marriage break up. She is very loyal and extremely affectionate to her family, however she lacks confidence and is very wary of anyone she doesn't know inc dogs and people. She is mostly walked off lead and happily passes people and dogs without much interest but if anyone tries to approach her to touch her or towards her family she will nervously bark at them in a defensive manner. She will need work on the lead as her defensive behaviour gets worse when she feels trapped but it is quite simple to help with good leash handling and guidance. Her recall is excellent and she never strays far from her owner.

Roxy needs an understanding family that will accept her initial wariness and will help build her confidence in the things that concern her.

If you are interested in offering Roxy a loving and patient home please fill in an adoption form and put 'interested in Roxy' at the bottom.



Gender: Female 

Age:6 years

Colour: Red

Good with Cats: will chase

Good with chickens: will chase

Good with horses: will chase

Good with children: very good although does have a whippy tail so 14+

Good with dogs: Very careful introduction, needs further training and ongoing socialisation.

Gorgeous, red girl mavis is a very young 6 years old. Her family sought our help with some training over 18months ago and whilst Mavis progressed well their circumstances have changed and they are no longer able to give her the time she needs. She is an under confident with a high prey drive. She loves toys especially playing tug and finding toys and treats hidden around the garden. because she lacks in confidence she is a dog who is very quick to react to needs a calm home who can help her feel calm and safe. She needs further training around wildlife and other animals as she will chase them. 

She lacks in confidence and will bark at strangers coming into the home and if people try to stroke her she urinates submissively, This is all something that can be worked on and helped in a new home and environment.

Mavis is quite frustrated on the lead as she is unable to be let off currently and reactive towards other dogs. However she came to socialisation classes which are full of all sorts of dog and did very well on and off the lead so there is great potential that she can continue improving with the right home and  learn to ignore when on lead and learn to be ok with them off lead. She will need ongoing help from our trainer in this area as they know her very well and how to help her progress further.

She is very good with children but as she is initially wary we are suggesting a home with 14+ kids. Mavis needs a family willing to give her lots of time and continue working with our trainer to help lead the life she deserves, She is extremely affectionate girl once she feels comfortable. 

If you can offer Mavis  the above home please fill in an adoption form and make a note that you are 'interested in Mavis' at the bottom.