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If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs please complete our online application below 


If we think we have a dog that could be the right match for you we will contact you and arrange a home check. Otherwise your details will go onto our database and you will be contacted if a suitable dog comes in. We do not contact you if we do not have a suitable match.

Alternatively please contact :


Deborah - 07831173240 

Please do consider adopting one of our slightly older dogs, they truly deserve some comfort & love and have so much to give.

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We don't always advertise all of our dogs on this website as sometimes they are still being assessed or have only just arrived so please contact us to find out what other dogs are in our care.
We cover the areas of Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent, for enquiries from other parts of the country please CLICK HERE where you can see other Boxer Rescue units. We are completely independent from any breed club or any other rescue.


NAME: Toby

AGE: 1 yrs

COLOUR: Brindle


Dogs: Good but exuberant, could be homed with the right dog

Kids: Over 14yrs 

Cats: Unknown

Toby is sadly in need of a new home. He is already in his second home. He is in foster care with 2 other Boxers and a small dog and is doing well with them. He is learning to ignore dogs when out and he will need ongoing training to continue to educate him. He is very loving and affectionate and very playful. If you are interested in Toby please fill in an online adoption form.


NAME: Billy

AGE3 yrs

COLOUR:  White with red patch

NEUTERED : No- chemical castration

Dogs:  Not to live with

Kids:  Not to live with

Cats: Does live with cats but not to be 100% trusted

Billy has had a very traumatic first few years of his life. He is on at least his 4th home that we know of. He is a sweet naturedlovinggorgeous looking boy but he is a lot of dog who can be very, very full on and this will not change. He relaxes indoors and in the garden and is very well behaved. Outside his recall is great and can walk well on the lead but he is very, very energetic and needs an adult only home with someone or a couple who want to spend time doing various activities with this very intelligent boy. He learns everything so fast but will need confident handlers. He can be very sociable and loves to play with other dogs once he trusts them but since he was attacked he needs someone who understands he needs ongoing training and support around strange dogs. We will offer full training and support for Billy. Please contact us for further info on Billy. 


NAME: Jones

AGE: 18 months

COLOUR:  Brindle and white


Dogs: Not to live with, friendly, needs more work to ignore

Kids:  No

Cats: Unknown

Jones hasn't had a great start, he has already had multiple homes and most recently only for 3 days before his owner had a mental health crisis. He is a big softie. He is friendly with everyone although can be a tad shy of new men he just wants to play with dogs. He can get a bit interested in sniffing other dogs so needs to socialise more with supervision and direction. He will need ongoing training to learn how to walk well on the lead. He needs a home of his own where he is going to be able to enjoy life for the first time. He lacks in confidence in some areas but very quickly overcomes any concerns he has. We will offer full training support in his new home.  If you are interested in Jones please fill in an online adoption form.


NAME: Burty

AGE6 yrs

COLOUR:  Red and white


Dogs: Not to live with, ok out with some

Kids:  Not to live with, over 16yrs

Cats: Unknown

Handsome Burty is no longer getting along with the little dogs In the house. He has been in the same home since he was a puppy. He is quite laid back. Burty was very friendly towards our trainers when they met him, wiggling his stumpy tail and he was desperate for love and cuddles. He met 3 other Boxers, the 2 small females he was fine with, but was a little unsure and tense with a young intact males, but did nothing un toward ,  We will offer full training support with him. If you think you could offer Burty a home please fill in an online adoption form.