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Please do consider adopting one of our slightly older dogs, they truly deserve some comfort & love and have so much to give.

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We don't always advertise all of our dogs on this website as sometimes they are still being assessed or have only just arrived so please contact us to find out what other dogs are in our care.
We cover the areas of Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent, for enquiries from other parts of the country please CLICK HERE
where you can see other Boxer Rescue units. We are completely independent from any breed club or any other rescue.



AGE: 18months

COLOUR: White with brown spot

SEX: Male

Neutured: No

DOGS: getting better, excited, can get frustrated to meet, needs ongoing training

CHILDREN: Under assessment

CATS: working on it, interested but getting better

He will need a home willing to continue his training. to continue his education. He is very friendly boy and sweet natured with people but he is a big, powerful dog who needs further training, He has learned to walk well on the lead and is now learning to be neutral about dogs and people on his walk and not get so excited, He has had 2 previuos homes and neither could handle him or walk him. He needs someone who is interested in learning how to train him further. He is a very active dog and would excel at training for fun sports so someone interested in fulfilling him and having fun with him in this way. He can be left alone for a few hours, he is crate trained and raw fed, Billy would suit someone who wants to have fun but is also level headed. BRS will continue to offer full training support for Billy.


Name: Fritzi

AGE: 7yrs 11months

COLOUR: white with brown spots

SEX: Female

Neutured: yes

DOGS: mostly good but not to live with

CHILDREN: Good but over 12s only

CATS: not good

Fritzi's family are moving abroad and can't take her with them. She is a very sweet natured girl. She has been in her current home since she was 3 yrs old and had previously never been taken out of her garden. She now enjoys her walks and causes no problems on the lead. She is mostly good with other dogs but like most dogs can dislike the odd one and be quite strong . She enjoys a dip in the sea when warm enough too. 

Fritzi does have some allergies for which she is on steroids, unfortunately these have made her put on lots of weight which we hope to address and find a family for her willing to follow diet instructions to get her back to a healthy weight. 

She can be left home alone for 4 hours without any problems, she adores humans and craves their attention so would be best as the only dog to be center of attention. She loves a cuddle and tickle and will lie on your feet or on the sofa. We are assessing Fritzi's allergies further to see if there is more were can do to get her steroid dose down and will be looking for a home willing to do their best for this gorgeous girl.

Boxer Rescue will pay for veterinary fees for her.

Please fill in aan adoption form and comment that it is 'FRITZI' you are interested in.


Name: Ralph

AGE: 6yrs

COLOUR: Red & White

SEX: Male

Neutured: No

DOGS: Ok has previously lived with small dog

CHILDREN: Good but over 12s only

CATS: Unknown

Handsome Ralph is looking for a new home as his family are moving and can not take him with them.

He is very good in the home and has lived with a small dog. He is very good on lead, he doesn't venture too far from you as he is feeling a little insecure currently and for this reason so far his recall has been good. He does have to loose quite a few extra pounds but that won't take long to come off with the right amount of food and regular exercise. He is in foster and has been very anxious initialy with lots of panting and he is a little insecure but he will settle over the next few days. He is a very sweet natured boy. He is fine to be left for short periods. He has been a little defensive with other dogs on arrival into foster so we would not recommend he lives with another dog unless small and calm and with lots of introductions. We believe he will start to relax more around them in time but he has just had a stressful change to his life which can make them feel very out of sorts. If interested in him please fill in an adoption form and make a note it is 'Ralph' you are interested in.


Name: Bruno

AGE: 7yrs

COLOUR: Brindle & White

SEX: Male

Neutured: Yes

DOGS: No needs socialisation

CHILDREN: No needs socialisation

CATS: Unknown

Handsome Bruno is currently in foster after his elderly owner became unwell. He is full of fun and loves to play in typical boisterous style but he hasn't had much in the way of socialisation so is quite fearful and over excited about people and dogs. This is something we can help him overcome and to lead a normal life with the support of our trainer so he doesn't need tasty this way. He needs a family who understand this and want to help him get better. He is initially very wary of people but as soon as he is comfortable is absolutely fine and very affectionate. We find dogs like this can do very well with committed new homes willing to put in some work to turn the dogs life around but it can take effort and little bit of time.

Please fill in a n adoption form and make a note that it is 'Bruno' you are interested in.


Name: Eros

AGE: 6yrs

COLOUR: Brindle & White

SEX: Male

Neutured: Yes

DOGS: Not good with most dogs

CHILDREN: unknown

CATS: Unknown

This gorgeous boy sadly needs a home due to his owners ill health and not getting along with one of the other family members dogs. We are told whilst he is big and boisterous he is very affectionate, friendly and loving towards people. He will need a home who are willing to put some time and effort into finding the root cause of his reactivity with other dogs and then teaching him to be neutral in those situations around dog or that live somewhere quiet and away from dogs . We can offer support in training. (video taken before he was neutered)


Name: Jessie

AGE: 15months

COLOUR: Brindle & White

SEX: Female

Neutured: No

DOGS: needs further training

CHILDREN: good , over 12s only to live with


This stunning, young lady is sadly in need of new home due to her owners busy life with a new baby and kids, they feel they don't have the time she deserves to lead her best life. She is very affectionate, loves to cuddle especially on the sofa at the end of the day. Walks beautifuly on lead without pulling, typically playful, super chilled at home, very gentle with the children. She is a little insecure when she is out and has started to bark at other dogs. This can be worked on and the right home would be willing to train her further in this area. She does live with a small dog but we think she would be happier being the only dog. She has also had lots of dog friends up until recently. We will offer full training support. Jessie will soon be commencing residential training to help her overcome her insecurity so is not currently ready for adoption. However if you are interested in her please fill in an adoption form and make a note it's 'Jessie' you are interested in.


Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary currently have a female Boxer cross in their care. We are told she is wonderful, she's 9yrs old, in good health apart from having some age related arthritis which she has medication for. Sash is also a resource guarder which they are easily managing at the sanctuary.

They would love to find Sash her forever home, but sadly have had little interest despite posting on social media etc and have asked us to help by posting here.

If you are interested in Sash please contact Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary DIRECT: