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Now you can donate specific items, such as blankets, treats, beds and supplements, not just for our ‘long-stayers’, but for all the Boxers in our care whilst waiting to find their forever homes. Not all items that are desperately needed, like herbs, other supplements and medicines used, are available via Amazon, so should you wish to donate these, please contact us directly to arrange.

Click the button to be taken to our Wish List :  


If you experience any issues with placing orders and delivery, please contact Vicki for assistance.



The Boxer Rescue Service (Southern) help with veterinary fees for older dogs (8+ years), dogs that come to us with specific medical needs and dogs, that through no fault of their own, will remain in our care.   To do this we rely on Sponsorship. 

Please consider sponsoring our golden oldies, or our long termers Daisy and Bruno.  You can do this for yourself or as a present for a Boxer Lover for their Birthday or Christmas.  If you cannot have a dog yourself right now but would love to help a dog in need?  Every penny really does help, you do not need to send a specific amount, and you can do this monthly or as a one-off payment, it’s entirely up to you!  You will receive a sponsorship certificate, photo of your sponsor dog along with regular ‘pup dates’.

Payments can be made by PayPal, by cheque, or by regular bank payments (if you wish to make regular bank payments then please contact our Treasurer).


For enquiries, additional information or cheque payments, please contact Vicki for further details: 



Meet our Sponsor Dogs!


Both Daisy and Bruno are available for sponsorship.



6 year old white girl 

aka Daisy Duke, Sugar Plumb Fairy, Sugar Mouse, Dory, Swamp Monster, Nurse, Sister Dais

Daisy is a little white girl who came into the kennels with another dog when she was about 11 months old. They came from a puppy farm and had been living outside with around 10 other boxers and were used for breeding. They were emaciated and covered in fleas and had worms. It appears she may have even had a litter of puppies before this time. Both dogs were terrified of everything and had clearly not been anywhere but did seem to get on with each other.  After getting some weight on them the decision was made to rehome them together, but this didn’t go well and within 24 hours Daisy had shown some very odd behaviour. Carley and Marc (our specialist trainers and behaviourists) took her in and went about investigating what had happened. She had seemed to completely space out and then act quite aggressively within the first few hours of being in the home and even got into a fight with the other dog she had arrived with.  After seeing a vet, having bloods taken she was referred to a cardiologist, she wore a holter monitor for a few days and had an ECG test and she was eventually given a diagnosis of vasovagal syncope which is an issue with the heart not always beating fast enough and although not life threatening in her case can cause fainting and strange passing out episodes. It is often triggered in young boxers by stress, over exertion and tummy upset. Once we got her onto raw food like all the other boxers her tummy upset cleared up and we rarely see episodes now unless she undergoes a lot of sudden stress. 

Daisy is very typical of a puppy farm dog. She wasn’t exposed to anything in her early months of life and probably had to fight for food and space with many other adult dogs. She was terrified of everything and would lie on the floor shaking whenever we tried to take her for a walk. If a leaf blew or there was a stick on the floor she would leap as high in the air as she could to avoid it. So we set about carefully exposing her and building her confidence . She started to come around and would enjoy her walks and even pick up leaves and sticks to play with, but her memory and learning ability is extremely hindered by her traumatic early start. It’s known that lack of exposure doesn’t help the brain develop properly and whilst she is intelligent she doesn’t retain information very well . She is particularly nervous of new dogs even though she lives with many and if something stresses her she can completely forget who we are and who she is. You can say her name and she goes to stand with a stranger. Often when you say her name she will even look round behind her to see who you are talking too. When the seemingly normal situations get to her, Daisy can be pushed into a fight reaction and become very growly and protective of herself.  She also has some physical issues and now likely a mast cell tumour on her leg that will need treating.  Our holistic vet treats her regularly with acupuncture and herbs to help keep her strong physically & mentally . She is a sweet little girl who makes her own fun and loves to play on the trampoline with her best friend Jeffie and snuggle up on the sofa with big Boxer brother Ben.

IMG_9124 2_edited.jpg


AKA Bru,Bruce, Bruiser, Bruce Almighty, Brucey Bonus, Piddle Pants, Brubie, Monkey Boy

Bruno is a very handsome 9 year old red boy with a black mask. He was given up by his original

family aged 11 months as they didn’t have time for him. He arrived in kennels as a terrified little boy

and became so defensive over 24 hrs he was very difficult to handle. Luckily, we had a home on the books who were willing to take him without knowing much about him as we felt he needed to get out of the kennel environment and back into a home. Unfortunately though he didn’t do very well

and in the month they had him he attempted to bite out of fear multiple times with multiple people.

He then went through a traumatic neutering which added to his fear and defensiveness. We did pay

for a behaviourist to see him and it was recommended he was put to sleep because of his

aggression! Carley and Marc (our now specialist trainers and behaviourists) were contacted as they

were fostering and working with some of our other difficult boxers. They collected him and he has

lived with them ever since. He underwent lots of training and socialisation over the years but

unfortunately because he missed the critical period of exposure and socialisation as a puppy (up to

16weeks old) his issues have  been very difficult to reverse.


He was and is very weak physically and

mentally and has very low confidence . He has also always shown some signs of physical issues in his

hind legs which has added to his defensiveness.  He would submissive urinate just for making eye

contact with us for many months initially and then only when we touched him. He was defensive

and reacting aggressively out of fear. Bruno is a little dog with a lot to prove, he has to run the

fastest, bark the loudest, jump the highest, he wants to win at everything! He has improved so much

over the years and can happily be off lead in most situations around people and children, but he just

does not like being touched or handled by people he doesn’t trust . His circle of trust is small - Carley

and Marc only - but he is completely devoted to them.  His best friend is his big sister Bella. They hit it

off from day one, even though Bella didn’t get on well with others, they love nothing more than to

wrestle. We have to keep on top of Bruno’s physical issues as they flare up from time to time. He has

undergone x-rays in the past without much in the way of diagnosis and so now undergoes

underwater treadmill each week along with physiotherapy and he receives treatment from a holistic

vet including acupuncture every few weeks to keep him strong and mobile. The vet has worked

alongside us to help his fear and nervousness over the years and alongside the training has helped us

make him more comfortable about life. Bruno has a great sense of humour and fun and loves

nothing more than to show off!

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